Bright colourful necklace

Find The Best Trends For Your New 2020 Wardrobe Today

The new year is the perfect time to update your wardrobe. New styles and fashions are sweeping through design houses all over the world, and it’s time to take a fresh look at your personal style. Take inspiration from Milan and New York this year, with our top trends for 2020.

Go big with statement jewellery

This year we’re looking at high-impact statement pieces. Show your playful side by picking colourful earrings which stand out from the rest of your outfit. One trend that we’re seeing from the runways this year is single statement earrings, too; these should be big and bold, so they deliver an impact all on their own. Don’t be afraid to go gaudy, either; if you don’t make this earring a real statement then it’ll just look like you’ve lost its pair!

Oversized chains and necklaces

Following on from the theme of statement earrings, designers such as Zimmerman and Marni have let loose some truly eye-catching necklaces. Think big, beautiful chains that sparkle in the light, or thick cords that sport a unique centerpiece. Some highlights from fashion shows include gold-covered chain links, pendants, and even a giant shark’s tooth. Use your imagination, and don’t be afraid to go all-in on a glamorous necklace.

Retro cool with 60’s wallpaper patterns

This year’s retro-inspired trend comes from 60’s wallpaper. The bright, busy colours of these patterns blend easily together thanks to the slightly desaturated hues. That makes them a great material for dresses, whether you’re thinking light and flowing or more closely fitted. Look to designers like Christopher Kane for inspiration (or visit your grandparents and take a look in their living room!)

Add a waistcoat to your outfit

We’re looking at plenty of takes on the old-school Savile Row waistcoat this year. Whether you wear yours buttoned tight under a blazer or hanging open with a well-chosen shirt, waistcoats are officially part of the 2020 fashion landscape. Combine a statement waistcoat with a white shirt for maximum effect, but there’s no need to be conservative; ruffs, frills and more are all part of the outfit.

Where will 2020 take you?

Take inspiration from the runways this year and give your wardrobe a fresh overhaul. Plenty of the designs we’re seeing point to a playful, fun-loving attitude. Let your creativity run free and don’t be afraid to push the boundaries this year!