Finding the perfect jewellery gift for the lady in your life


Everyone love receiving jewellery as a gift, especially women, and it is little surprise that in the run up to the like of Christmas and Valentines Day both bricks and mortar shops and online retailers are swamped by men looking for that perfect item. The problem is that many, looking to jewellery to give them an easy ride as far as gift hunting in concerned, suddenly find out that they don’t know their ladies as well as they think they do.

Here’s a little test for all those men out there who think they know their girlfriends/wives/partners inside out. What colour of jewellery does she prefer? Does she wear more traditional styles or pieces more contemporary? Do they have pierced ears and what size ring do they take?

If you can answer all four questions both quickly and correctly then congratulations, you are in the minority of men who really do know their lady well. As for the rest, well they are the ones who buy pierced earrings for a lady who wears clip-ons, and something in yellow gold when all they wear is silver.

Take a good look at that lady of yours, really look, and get an idea of her likes and dislikes. Get a hold of one of her rings and try it on your finger to get an idea of the size, in other words do your homework. When you have the answers to your questions head online for the best choice of jewellery you will find anywhere.

A great way to save money is to look at sites that there are voucher codes for, as these can be used on gifts for every occasion on the designated website. These take a lot of stress out of buying a special gift as you know you aren’t paying through the nose for an item. There is so much choice and variety once you start looking and will no doubt pick up ideas for future special occasions and know exactly where to go when that rolls around.

You may decide to go with a themed gift that fits in with a particular penchant they have, such as Beatrix Potter collectibles. On the other hand you may decide that the perfect gift you have been looking for is a special watch, or if you want to know that you have put a lot of thought into the gift why not get her something with a gemstone that is also her birthstone? The list is endless, and the choice every bit as much.

One last thing, do not over think the gift or go way over the top. A first jewellery gift should be small and tasteful, and also bear in mind how long you have been together. The general rule of thumb is the longer you have been in a relationship the more you can spoil her, so always keep this rule in mind when buying a special piece of jewellery for the lady in your life, and avoid the aforementioned rookie mistakes at all costs.