Five Frugal Ways To Staying Fashionable this Winter

New season, new trends, new wardrobe: that’s the usual rule. But with the seasons increasingly blurring into one another, with sun, rain and wind all blended into the same day, it may not be practical or necessary to shell out on a new wardrobe. After all, we all need to save up as much as we can for the most expensive time of the year, Christmas. So here are five simple tips for saving a few pennies while still staying on-trend and looking great.

Perfect the 70’s look at a second hand store

With the 70’s definitively dominating the high streets – from pussybow blouses to faux-fur coats – what better way of getting the authentic look than at your local second-hand store? It’s no secret that second-hand shops are the best places for getting designer and vintage bargains, and you’re guaranteed to discover more original and unique items that you won’t find anywhere else.

Spruce up your summer wardrobe with accessories

With the 70’s being all rage, what better excuse can you have for raiding your mother’s jewellery box and wardrobe? Snakeskin bags, chunky costume jewellery and flamboyant brooches are all key on-trend pieces. You can also trawl second-hand markets for high quality pieces that will refresh and re-style your current wardrobe without needing to spend lots of money on buying a new one.

Look after your old clothes – know your laundry symbols

With old trends coming to the fore again, such as boho chic, oversized 80s jumpers and Peter Pan collars, you’re bound to have old clothes in your wardrobe that will be on-trend. But after one season, you might think your clothes look tired and be tempted to ditch them. If this sounds familiar, a little bit of care can make all the difference to improving the condition of your clothes.

The easiest way to look after your clothes is by making sure you follow the washing instructions on the labels. If you can’t tell the difference between a cotton wash symbol from a synthetic wash symbol, read this definitive guide on laundry symbols. This also means that you can preserve your current summer wardrobe for next year.

Make friends with your local cobbler

If you’re not prepared to sport the season’s new hot trend of thigh-high spray on boots and goat hair slippers, it’s time to take out those ankle boots you stowed away in your wardrobe over the summer. If the heels are worn down and the leather looks tired, why not freshen them up at your local shoe cobbler for a good shine and new heels? It’s cheap, quick and you can wear those boots you loved so much for another year. Win-win.

Keep fit

Beach body season may be over, but that’s no excuse to hibernate on the couch for the next six months. The best way of looking and feeling good all year round is by keeping fit, and there are plenty of inexpensive ways of staying healthy without an expensive gym membership. If running in the cold and dark doesn’t appeal, try free aerobic videos on YouTube or download a yoga app. If you need to build up those arm muscles for all the Christmas shopping you’ll be doing in December, maybe you should consider a pull up bar for your house.

Looking stylish and fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive. From raiding your mum’s closet, to ensuring you know your laundry symbols – you can look great while saving up for the season!