Floral patterns for men

Fashion for men changes about twice a year and it can be hard for men to keep up with the latest trends. This article is going to look at some of the latest changes in the fashion world so that you don’t have to spend to much time trying to do it yourself.

Designers are trying to make some major changes to the styles for men this season with the introduction of floral patterns. Paisley was making a comeback at the latest catwalk shows and louder patterns on shorts and shirts are also being seen.

Another trend that is less brash than the flowers are blazers. These are also becoming a popular item on the catwalk and in men’s style this season. The colours they are appearing in are mostly neutral, such as grey and blue. This allows them to be easily matched with other clothes. Blazers are also flattering to most men with their well tailored lines. They can be worn as either formal or social jackets and this is making them even more popular.

Bombers jackets, especially those made of leather are another popular menswear item this season. The jackets are practical as well as fashionable as they will keep you warm in the coming winter months. Bomber jackets typically have plenty of pockets which add to their practicality. Bomber jackets can work well with many outfits but will look extra hip if worn over a shirt.

When people think of crop tops they will instantly think of women’s clothes, but fashion can be odd at times and recent catwalks have been showing off crop tops for men. They are not tight fitting like the female varieties but have the same shorter bottom. This can be great if a man wants to show off his abs.

Another trend that seems to have come from the women’s catwalk is the introduction of sheer clothes such as lace items. These can be great as summer wear for men and help show off that holiday tan. They are also a good item to wear over other clothes to create a layered outfit.