Footlocker kicks it with Converse

In the world of fashion and retail, there are few collaborations that really hit the spot and make you sit up and take notice. One that is causing a real buzz is the one between to shoe brand Converse and leading footwear retailer Footlocker, especially with the new and much anticipated Converse Denim collection being only available exclusively from Footlocker.

To highlight the launch of this latest collection, Footlocker are running a campaign they have called ‘make them yours’, with the emphasis being on taking a pair of Converse denims and customising them so they look unique and original and like nobody else’s. They have released a video online which shows various Converse fans in the video customising their shoes so that they are a statement of themselves and not like anyone else’s.

Shoe brands have come and gone over the years, and many have been the must haves at certain times, and Converse’s time is definitely now. They are cool, stylish, look great all the time and no self respecting teen or twenty-something would be seen out and about in anything else. With top selling shoes in the collection joined by new models such as the Star Reverb, Converse certainly have their finger on the pulse of today’s youth culture.

When you think about it, Footlocker are the natural choice for a new collection of Converse denim shoes, as the cool and trendy image that Footlocker enjoys is a perfect match to the message that Converse is getting across to the nation. There is no such thing as compromise in fashion, and these two don’t know the meaning of the word.

If you have a pair of Converse denims, check out the video for some inspiration as to how to customise yours, and step out in a pair to see your street cred soar.