Fun, stylish and unique fancy dress ideas for your hen party

A hen night is often referred to as a woman’s ‘last night of freedom’ and should be a fun and memorable occasion spent with friends. If you are looking to inject your hen night with a little humour, why not consider asking your friends to wear hen night fancy dress costumes? Although fancy dress can often send people into a panic, if you give them plenty of time to organise their outfits and come up with a unique idea that you all agree on, you are sure to have a brilliant time! A traditional fancy dress favourite is ‘Angels and Devils,’ which is both low cost and easy to do. Simply pop on a red or white outfit and add a pair of devil ears or a halo. However if you are looking for something a little different, why not get creative with one of our hen night fancy dress ideas below…

Sexy and sassy fancy dress

If you are feeling like dressing up in a sexy fancy dress outfit for your hen party, you may want to think about choosing a particular theme. ‘Sailor girls’ is a great theme to choose as it is one of those themes that all women can get on board with! You will find that many hen night fancy dress websites sell sailor outfits which often include a short blue and white dress and a sailor hat. Alternatively you may want to make up your own costume with navy shorts, a stripy top and over the knee socks. The choice is yours! If your hen party is planning on wearing the same sailor costume, it may be worth buying them all together as some fancy dress websites will offer you a discount.

Sophisticated fancy dress

Not everyone feels comfortable dressing up in a typically sexy hen party outfit, so if you are looking for something a little more sophisticated why not choose a 1920s flapper girl theme? Think glitz, glamour and the Great Gatsby and you will know exactly what we mean. With the Great Gatsby film coming out later this year, you will find that many fancy dress stores will be stocking 1920s themed outfits made up of fringed dresses, jewelled headpieces and feather boas.

Fun fancy dress

If you want to make sure your hen party is full of enthusiasm, humour and a little silliness, a fun theme like Disney princesses may be just what you need. Everyone loves Disney so you can’t really go wrong! With this theme you will probably want to organise it so that each member of your hen party dresses up as a different Disney character. From Belle, to Snow White, Esmeralda, Ariel, Cinderella and Rapunzel, there are so many different princess themed hen night costumes to choose from.