Getting Fit for Fashion

Slimming Down on a Tight Budget

2It’s a fair way into 2014 now and, for many, New Year’s resolutions may seem like a distant memory. The all-too familiar bleating of “this year I’m going to get fit” may have faded away, but if you’ve managed to stick to your healthy living promises, then good on you. Whether you need some fresh ideas to keep your healthy living routine interesting or you want to get started with the plans you’d made for the New Year, here’s a list of low-impact, high-reward activities that you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy:


You’d be surprised at the great offers available from local leisure centres on swimming sessions and memberships. Once you’re signed up to your favoured venue and you’ve got a taste for the technique, you can start to really make an impact on your fitness. Swimming gives great resistance as you push through all that water, meaning you can make an impact in less time. Add to that the relaxing nature of gliding through the water and you can see why so many fitness enthusiasts feel they’re on to a winner with exercise in the water. All you need is appropriate swim wear, and this great tankini range has got just what you’ll require to keep fit at your local swimming pool. There’s also more to water fitness than swimming and you may also want to try your hand at aqua-aerobics.

Spin class

While the nation is still pretty gripped with cycle fever as we move further into the second year after the London Olympics ended, getting into this sport can be pricey. With great events inspired by Britain’s Olympic success coming up, you may still want to try your hand at using pedal-power to get fit. Spin classes offer the same exercise as cycling on a static bike-machine, with support, help and teaching available from your instructor. It’s great fun and even greater exercise without being too much strain on your body, meaning you can enjoy your classes as frequently as you like on your quest for fitness.  All you need for this one is to be signed up to some classes and to have something you don’t mind working up a sweat in.


The highly aerobic dance/exercise phenomenon is a national hit for a good reason. You can make a great difference to your health with some regular Zumba sessions and the fierce competition between instructors means that you can get great prices too. You’re bound to know someone who already does this and if you don’t, it’s a perfect environment for meeting new people with a shared interest in getting healthy. Zumba is designed to be a lot of fun and give you a workout that you’ll hardly even realise was straining until you see the positive benefits. Stick with it for any amount of time and those benefits will come.

Getting fit is a worthy cause no matter the time of year, so don’t feel like you can’t make a positive change if you’ve missed the January gym deals. These great activities are available all year around at incredible value, so get in on the action and do something that’ll make you feel great today.