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2The world seemed to have gone mad when a survey of 40,000 women conducted by revealed last week that Dorothy Perkins has become the #7th in the top 20 list for the most desired brands or labels in the UK, topped only by H&M, Zara and Topshop.

This may come as a big surprise since the last time I was there, some ladies handed me £10 notes in pity because I was shopping in a Dorothy Perkins branch where the fashion deals were so extreme only the financially decrepit would have gone there. But the branch I went to was the exact opposite of a fashion shop giving out mega-discounts because they want to get rid of their goods.

The aisle had everything that was shiny, trendy and pretty, from dainty laces to fancy fabrics. Dorothy Perkins is a brand that is nearly a century old. The label was established in 1919 and is a proud member of the Philip Green’s Arcadia group that also owns the globally loved Topshop. Most of us fashionistas may have gone in one of the numerous Dorothy Perkins branches around the country in our younger years, but as the years went on, it seemed to have slipped down the radar.

What happened to turn the DP world upside down?

Kim Kardashian happened, that’s what. The juicy reality star and her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, were hired by Phillip Green 6 months ago to come up with a vibrant new collection. Now who would have thought that the over-groomed reality star would merge with a brand whose reputation is married to the 25-45 demographics of women who don’t have much money to spend on a strappy dress?

With the Kardashian clothes part of the Dorothy Perkins racks, one would think there’d be no more daily fashion deals like the £75 lace trenchcoat or the £50 lace cocktail frock.

According to the guys, the attraction towards the near-centenarian Dorothy Perkins brand lies on it’s seemingly invitation for women to save money on fashion and totally debunk the myth that only expensive clothes are fashionable.

The fashion deals like the Luxe dress line at £40 is dirt cheap since the dresses are just so luxurious and soft. You can take advantage of fashion discount codes and get the £49 faux-leather biker jacket in olive, or the faux silk jumpsuits, or the studded totes that go for only £25.