Girls want that Lea Michelle Glee style

Lea Michelle, star of the hit TV show Glee must know something about fashion are there are millions of girls from all over the world who are trying to copy her style. The 25 year old was seen in a white dress on Monday in the US when she was visiting a friend’s house. In the US, the holiday of Labour Day marks the end of the time when it is fashionable to wear white clothes.

The rest of her outfit was equally appropriate for the great weather the city of Los Angeles has been enjoying this summer. The reason why white is not worn after Labour Day is not known but there are several legends about where the rule came from.

Lea is a keen member of the social network Twitter and is often sharing details of her private life with fans. On Sunday she told fans how she was enjoying brunch before going to enjoy a spa day with a co-star from Glee.

Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee has said of Lea, “When we first started making Glee, Lea had some interest in clothes, but not that much. Since the show has become a success, Lea has become a star and her interest in style has certainly taken off with her career.”

Co-star Chris Colfer, has also said that his style as evolved since joining the show, “When I first came to Glee I had no idea about fashion, I didn’t dress fashionably. Now that I am on the show, playing a very fashion conscious character I am really learning a great deal about what is fashionable and how to dress well.”