Global Kids Fashion Week gets mixed reaction

AlexandAlexa sponsored the first Global Kids Fashion Week, though not the first of its kind, in London, 2 days ago. The company is a luxury, children’s clothing and gift site, and the proceeds of the event were donated to Kids Company, a charity group. Nike, Paul Smith, Little Marc Jacobs, John Galliano, and Keds Kids were some of the notable brands at the event.

The event elucidated mixed reactions, with 84% of pollsters who voted at Today Moms terming it as inappropriate. However, termed it to be “cute as hell”. According to Charlotte Philby, of The Independent, The global Children’s Clothing industry is worth 100 billion dollars, and it is not surprising that there is a luxury line for children clothes.

However, Vanessa Friedman, of the Financial Times says that the event was understandably a branding and municipal economics, but it went against what ideally, children’s clothing should be. She says that children’s clothing should be flexible at its extreme. The catwalks of adult fashion, gives adults the option of choosing what they see, but children should be allowed to define their fashion.

Olivia Gordon of ParentDish U.K says that although the event left her with a “bitter taste” in her mouth, she was glad that children were among the audience. She states that the parents did not seem as taken in as the children were.

They seemed to pay more attention to the free popcorn, rather than the events unfolding at the show. One of the children at the front joined in the catwalk and would not accept to get off. It was a relief when she heard that a celebrity’s child had a meltdown.