Gok Wan and TU

The irrepressible Gok Wan has worked in the fashion industry and has become a household name due to his numerous appearances on British television. He has appeared in his own show, guested on others, written books and filled hundred of inches in the press. Gok is a man who has a mission, he wants to see the women of Britain well dressed, in clothes that really fit properly, and he is succeeding.

The TU clothing range from Sainsbury’s is one of the best selling on the high street. The unbeatable combination of classic garments that keep up with the top trends and are always well fitting and fashionable makes the TU range one of the best on offer. When the news arrived that Gok Wan had joined forces with TU and designed an item for their collection, everyone sat up and took notice.

A dress, according to Gok Wan, is the one item that every woman should have in their wardrobe, and is the answer to the question that he is constantly being asked. For this reason, he has designed a fabulous fit and flare dress for the TU range that is modelled by an everyday woman in the video that has been released to advertise the dress and for him to tell us why we all should be wearing it.

Gok Wan looks us straight in the eye and tells us the reason a dress is the item every woman should own in because is makes us feel glamorous and gorgeous, separates us from the men, and epitomises femininity. His fit and flare dress flatters any body shape, the fitted top and flared bottom are perfect for pear shaped bodies, as well as offering support around the waist and balancing out those broad shoulders.

Gok Wan’s fit and flare dress for TU shows his ongoing commitment to women dressing properly, and come the summer, this garment will be worn by everyone, everywhere.