Goldline UK launch new business strategy

With an increasing emphasis on accessories, Goldline UK, a major player in footwear, are leading the way with Our Vision, a best practice business strategy for its vast array of customers throughout the world. While many designers want to simply market their designs, an increasing emphasis on financial management is becoming the norm.

Any successful footwear designer must involve themselves closely with their manufacturing bases in the far-east. From procurement, design and developing a superior brand, staff must involve themselves closely in the manufacturing stage to ensure their vision is brought to the market intact.

Goldline carries out this philosophy down to last detail. Employees monitor production closely and this enables quality control and information to be passed directly to clients. Its Fast React solution means that issues and problems are addressed and resolved without unnecessary delay.

Included in the strategy are document management, costings, customer communications and optimal purchasing. Andy Hinton, Business Development Manager for Fast React says the company is determined to make life easy for its staff and customers. The concept was developed to provide fast and accurate business data, without the need for complex spreadsheets and time consuming middle management reporting.