Gossard design a new bra for larger ladies

Gossard are a company that have been known for creating bras that allow women with small breasts to enhance their features. The company has also released a new bra which is far removed from the traditional items and it is designed for larger women who want a lightweight bra that allows them to show off their features with a great deal of confidence.

The bra is called the Gossard Glossies and it has been specifically designed for women with larger cup sizes. However, the company said that they wanted to have a focus on creating a bra that is just as attractive as those that they make for smaller women.

The idea behind this new creation is that it has something called a secret sling, which allows extra projection and is made without embracing the heavyweight material sometimes seen with bras of this size. There is also a wire in the bra to offer additional support and the prices are going to start at just £26.

The company commented, “In the past, bras that have been made for larger women have generally been quite unattractive compared to the smaller varieties. This is simply because companies think that they need to use heavier weight materials for more support, but we have proved that this is not necessary. We have managed to create a lightweight bra which also looks great.”

The bra manufacturer, as well as being known for its small bras, is also famous for its controversial advertising campaigns. Many people will remember one back in 1996 starring Sophie Anderton which caused a great deal of controversy and complaints. The head designer at the company responsible for this bra is Stacey Lindsay.