Green clothing is the way to go in 2012

Fashion conscious women may pore over magazines to check out the latest trends or the hottest designers, but according to one expert the only sure fire way to be fashionable in 2012 is to be environmentally aware.

Green clothing has experience a huge surge in popularity in recent years, though most people still feel that they are doing enough by donating their unwanted items to charity shops.

The clothing industry is actually surprisingly harmful to the environment; aside from concerns about the Fair Trade status of the original cotton plants used, hundreds of chemical are used in the process to take that raw cotton and turn it into usable fabric. It is even thought that a quarter of all pesticides used around the world are used on cotton plants.

Consumers are becoming more aware about green issues and are starting to care more about the impact the products they buy have had on the environment. In the same way that organic produce is starting to become a common sight on supermarket shelves, clothing made from organic cotton and other environmentally friendly materials, like hemp, are cropping up in the fashion department too.

Aside from buying your clothes from green labels, you can always go fashion shopping in your local charity shop. Styles are all cyclical, so items that some women have thrown out could easily be starting to come back into fashion. The best trick is to head to stores in expensive areas where you could even pick up some designer bargains; there are charity shops in posh areas of London that are well known for selling cut price Giorgio Armani suits and Versace dresses.

Vintage stores are just as green as charity shops; the only difference being that shoppers are guaranteed a certain standard in vintage stores, though they also have to pay more for the privilege. Most large towns and cities will have a couple of trendy vintage boutiques, or you could check out craft fairs and markets where arty types often sell vintage clothing – but with their own personal twist.