Guardian fashion adviser favouring on trend jeans and jumper ensemble

For anyone who hasn’t read or heard about Jess Cartner-Morley’s fashion advisory in the Guardian this week, she appears to be extolling the latest jeans-and-jumpers look. Jess says that we can never take a day off from fashion, i.e. slob around in last year’s leftovers. She says we’re all making fashion statements about ourselves, no matter what we wear. Scary thought.

She also points out a fact that some of us may have tried to forget: fashions change, rapidly and radically, so keeping up with them is a full-time job and simply not possible for the average guy or gal.

As a case in point she notes that jeans, for instance, can go from skin-tight to sagging off the hips (and back again) in the course of a few years.

She also mentioned slinky sweaters that barely cover the ribcage transmogrifying into great bulky cardigans that hang over the hips, and hemlines that go up and down like express elevators from the floor to the . . . er . . . crotch, with stops at ankle, mid-calf and mid-thigh, plus a few other fashion evolutions or devolutions.

As for the current look, it’s ‘coated’ jeans; sort of a waxy finish that she says looks somewhere between denim and leather, paired with textured jumpers – long ones that cover the hips – in fairly understated colours, nothing loud or sizzling. She’s pictured along with her byline wearing ‘the look’ of solid coloured form-fitting jeans and a not-too-bright-pink jumper, nothing terribly fancy or eye-catching. Nice.

The factual stuff is interesting, though. Flashy, even. The stated prices for her ensemble are right there:

the jumper is from Reiss, £110. The jeans are from Citizens for Humanity, £265. The comments underneath are even more interesting if you care to read them; maybe we’re not all slaves to fashion, at least not right now.