Happy socks to put a smile on your face

For decades now, socks have had a rough deal. They are the items that every man dreads getting at Christmas as it indicates that no thought whatsoever has gone into the gift, whereas girls haven’t been overly impressed with their bed socks that they feel they have been given 50 years too early. The fact is that for such an essential item, little effort has been put into making them fun to look at and fun to wear, until now that is.

Happy Socks is a range of, well, happy socks from the Swedish company that gave us the Björn Borg range of underwear. They have taken the simple sock, that everyday item, and created bright and fun works of art for our feet. Yes, you all say, and about time too, and certainly is. Shut your eyes and try and imagine socks in every colour and pattern imaginable, that is the premise of Happy Socks.

They have caused such a buzz in New York, where else, that numerous pictures of Happy Socks being worn in unusual and inventive ways have appeared on the internet, and you really have to see some of these socks to believe them. For those who want a cheerful sock that isn’t too in your face there are multi coloured stripes and animal prints, then there are the hardcore socks for those who really want to make a statement.

The plain black or grey sock really needs to be made a thing of the past. If you went to see someone of importance, such as a solicitor for example, and you glimpsed  a bit of a bright and happy sock between the hem of their drab suit and sensible shoes, would you think any less of them? Absolutely not! This shows that the man is human after all, and even has a sense of humour, and he suddenly becomes much less imposing and scary.

It’s time to get the campaign really going; ban boring socks, make everyone wear a pair of brightly coloured socks to work, and let everyone see that you are a human being and capable of having fun, whatever your occupation. Pulling these socks onto your feet in the morning will put a smile on your face that will last all day, whenever you are getting stressed simply look down at your socks, and that smile will be right back in place.