Have you written your list for Santa yet?

Dear ladies, the month of December has arrived! What better reason than this, to start writing down your present ideas for Santa? With the wide variety of stores available to choose from, deciding on one brand can be tricky. But then again, why not explore all the options?

Becksondegaard ScarfThis winter, scarves are a must have because they are cozy and perfect for those cold December evenings when all is covered with snow, making you feel like you’re in a fairytale.  Available in a multitude of shapes, patterns and textures, it’s nearly impossible not to find the perfect one to suit each person’s taste. Danish label, Becksondergaard provides clients with top quality items, made out of the best materials such as cotton, silk, wool or combinations of fabrics. Regarding the color palette, options vary from classic navy, sand ginger, coral dream and burgundy to star stamped patterns.  These scarves could turn out to be one of the best present choices, whether you’re the one finding it under the Christmas tree or maybe offering it to someone else.  Take this into consideration when making your wish list!

Mark Lupfer Cat JumperAnother idea which might be just as effective is the classic jumper with various prints and color ranges. They can be black, charcoal, light grey, navy or beetroot with different designs. You won’t have to search too much until you find the one that’s right for you or someone dear to you who deserves an excellent gift from Santa. Mark Lupfer has done an excellent job producing such clothing items which look both classy and stylish. Cat lovers can choose the jumper which has a feline’s face printed on it, while Retro addicts can go for the Cadillac shaped print to enhance their wardrobe.  These jumpers are likely to fit in nicely with anyone’s style and clothes.

Last but not least, have you figured out what you’re going to wear for New Year’s Eve? We’ve all got to look our best when stepping into a new year. Therefore, items such as nailhead tops, pleated sleeve tie blouses or maybe zip front blouses could be winning choices. It all depends on where you’re going to celebrate. Be sure to have a look at what L’Agence has to offer. You might get lucky and find the perfect outfit.