Helena Christiansen models new Triumph lingerie

Helena Christiansen is the ambassador for the Triumph Essence collection and she has recently designed and modelled three pieces of lingerie that are going to be appearing in the designers summer collection for 2012.

The collection includes a lacy bra, a G string, and a skirt that hugs very close to the body. All of the clothing helps shape the body into a desirable appearance, but what is quite evident in the photo shoot is that the 42-year-old model doesn’t really need this.

In the photo shoot with the lingerie, she proves that she still has a stunning figure, very similar to that which she was famous for when she modelled for Victoria’s Secret. She commented, “When creating lingerie I think it’s very important that it is designed by a female.

While men might be looking at it, it is women who have to wear it, and with these pieces, I have designed something which is sophisticated and enjoyable for women as well.”

The lingerie is going to be on sale in Selfridge’s and they even have something called a ‘fantasy mirror,’ which allows visitors to see how they look in the clothing without having to physically try it on. The system maps the users body shape and then puts it onto a digital screen and shapes the lingerie to the user’s body.

Triumph is a German company that has been operating for over 125 years, but the Essence range by the company was only released last year. The Essence collection contains numerous types of lingerie and there are three different types of collection within it, the Delicate range, the Luxurious range, and the Charming range.

The lingerie has been designed so that it fits an individual’s body type perfectly. All of the items are made with very precise details and the craftsmanship is perfect. The designs by Christiansen are regarded as some of the best of this season’s collection and are definitely a highlight of the series. Many women are going to be attracted to the lingerie by the intelligent design work, and certainly the modelling by Christiansen.