Henry Holland working with Aurasa

Henry Holland, the British fashion designer has recently announced that he is going to be working with Aurasa to create an application to allow for augmented reality. The application is called House of Holland. The application is going to allow those subscribe to InStyle magazine to get access to runway videos revealing clothes for next year’s spring and summer collection. Readers have to use their phone to take a picture of the leopard skin print on the front of the magazine to get access to these videos.

The collection was previously revealed at London Fashion Week which took place earlier in the year. Using this application users are then able to go to the company’s website where they can buy clothing.

This is not the first time that a magazine has chosen to bring in a digital feature to one of its issues. Earlier this November Heart Magazines who are responsible for publishing Cosmopolitan brought their magazines into a new medium with a great deal of augmented reality which gave readers access to some exclusive content.

For the last few years many analysts have been wondering whether augmented reality is something that is going to stick around in the publishing industry or if it’s merely a passing craze. Many still think that the craze will pass but it has certainly been one that has lasted for some time.

Heart Magazines and InStyle both still use the technology in their publications because they feel it holds a great appeal for those who want something more compelling than the traditional print media. Representatives from the company have said they are curious to see whether the involvement of augmented reality in their publications will bring in a new group of readers. They are also considering whether it might just be confusing for readers.