Hermes International moves into saris

The Chief Executive of Hermes International is Patrick Thomas and he has recently commented, “Our brand has a great admiration for India and we know that we have a lot to learn from them. That is why we have recently launched a line of saris made in the traditional Indian style.” These items cost upwards of $6000.

Many leading international fashion brands have recently launched in Mumbai; these include Ermenegildo Zenga and Giorgio Armani. Whilst these other stores have mostly focused on their menswear collections, Hermes is focusing on women’s clothes. High-end fashion in India is growing at a rapid pace and the country is regarded as one of the emerging markets for high fashion.

Saris are by far the most common item worn by women in India. They are worn for both everyday use, as well as special occasions such as weddings. Hermes is confident that their high-end saris will prove a hit in the country.

It is currently unknown whether this will be a continuing venture or whether it is a one-off collection. A spokesman for Hermes said, “Whether we continue them depends on how well they are received. If they are popular we will keep them in store for the long run.”