Hipsterism, a fashion and a lifestyle

Hipster: “a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream”  The Oxford Dictionary

Over the last decade, the hipster phenomenon has come to cities all across the globe. A predominantly millennial tribe, hipsters are identified by their ironic fashion sense, mixing their ubiquitous skinny denims with items such as old and square looking jumpers that belonged to their dad in the 1980s, beaten up converse all stars, or ironically smart blazers and shirts. For men, big beards, handle bar moustaches and top knots or partially shaven hair are de-rigueur. For women, asymmetrical and partly shaven hairstyles get the thumbs up.

The hipster subculture is largely composed of affluent or middle class white millennials who reside primarily in gentrifying neighbourhoods. From Berlin to Bangkok via Barcelona or Brooklyn, you can see the spread of hipsterism across the globe.

Born out of Williamsburg, Wicker Park, and Mission District neighbourhoods of major cosmopolitan centres such as New York, Chicago, and San Francisco respectively, “hipsterism” is as much a lifestyle as a look.

Much of this lifestyle seems to revolve around working in creative industries, and a love of coffee and craft beer that are produced with an extreme degree of perfectionism.

Organic and ethical foods are another key part of the hipster lifestyle. In general, ethical lifestyle choices are a big part of the way of life.

One of the benefits of this movement is that it reacts against globalisation, mass consumption and mass production. Hipsters prefer to cycle and care for the environment, and bikes are also a key fashion accessory, both to ride and to hang on the white brick walls of a hipster coffee bar!

So if like me you are not a fan of Starbucks or McDonalds and what they represent, thanks to the hipster movement, in any major city centre you are likely to find great coffee, beer, or lovingly prepared fresh food carefully prepared and served by a man with unusual facial hair and usually a smile, generally speaking it isn’t cool to be aloof with hipsters.

The milennials have inherited the slowdown of the global economic crisis and with hipster culture have set about creating many new businesses and interesting new ways of doing things.

If you have hipster in your life why not thank them for all they do for us and at the same time let them laugh at themselves a bit, with a novel hipster gift idea?