H&M Anna Della Rosso collection is a huge success

It is no surprise that the Anna Della Rosso collection that was designed for H&M was a complete sell-out. Many people queued up in the morning in order to get their hands on the various accessories that were available at the store, since you could get something from the designer at a much more reasonable price.

As has become the tradition in recent years, when H&M has brought in an outside designer, the collection has been immensely popular, and despite various limitations on the amount that people buy, the collection completely sold out.

It is no surprise then that people are trying to cash in on this opportunity, and as soon as the items sold out, they became available on eBay. If you weren’t lucky enough to make it to the store, you are still able to go to the popular auction website and pick something up. There are numerous items from the collection here including bags, shoes, sunglasses, and pretty much everything else.

owever, you are going to have to pay a lot for these items, as they are significantly more expensive than they were at the store. With the supply being very limited, some of the items that were originally for sale at a very reasonable price, are now selling for up to 8 times that! There was a suitcase the sale for over £700, and a pair of black leather boots for £500.