H&M continues to collaborate with top names in the fashion world

H&M is well known for collaborating with some of the top fashion designers in the world and then presenting a collection that is affordable for the high street and for the everyday fashion maverick. They have managed to pull off this impressive feat one more time through an exclusive collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela that has allowed them to offer some stunningly beautiful and classic frocks.

As part the collaboration, the fashion store is offering some modern day editions of some of the most iconic accessories and garments made by the label for both women and men. Every piece is labelled specifically with an individual tag that will indicate the season it came from originally. The pieces will be made up of classics from the 23 years that Maison has been offering looks to the public.

Each of the new representative pieces is being offered to H&M’s customers with updated materials and shapes that make them modern and stylish. The entire selection can be viewed online and purchase in stores beginning on November 15th, but the store has released a short video that allows fashion enthusiasts to get a quick sneak peak at what is going to be available in the collection.

Men might enjoy the long peacoats and white pant whereas women are going to love the very open and lightweight frocks that almost appear to have wings in place of wings. Larger than life white fur coats are also something that no doubt will steal a lot of looks while out and about as well.

Of course, the right accessories are also important which is why the new H&M range is also offering some very classic heels and some classic embellished handbags to top off the new looks. After all, when pulling together an iconic look you want to make sure everything is done just right!