Hop Hosiery subscription service to deliver packs of tights directly to women’s doors

Hop Hosiery is the brand new hosiery subscription service taking tights off your to-do list. By delivering packs of tights to ladies’ doorsteps at regular intervals, Hop Hosiery is putting an end to those last-minute dashes to buy tights for an interview, a date or a standard Monday at the office.

Joanne Walsh Founder of Hop Hosiery, says, “I work in the City, and as a result I practically live in tights from Monday to Friday, as many women do nowadays. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to take time out of my weekend to go and buy tights, or make a mad dash to the shops before work on a Monday morning because my last pair had laddered – and I know I’m not alone in this! I’ve spoken to dozens of women who’ve experienced the same thing.”


Hop Hosiery


Ms Walsh realised there was real demand for a subscription service that would give ladies access to the work-appropriate tights they needed without fuss or hassle. Hop Hosiery was born!

She adds, “Hop Hosiery is designed to take tights off your ‘to-do’ list, ensuring you’ll never be without a pair of appropriate tights to go with a skirt or dress. The Hop Box will land on our customers’ doormats at regular intervals with a pack of three tights in their chosen shade, size and denier, so they’ll always have a convenient supply of hosiery to get them through the working week.”


Hop Hosiery2


The service is incredibly flexible, with members given the ability to customise their subscription whenever they like. They can choose how often tights are delivered to their home in The Hop Box, as well as changing the size, denier, type and shade of the tights they want, to ensure they’ll never have to endure a meeting or a party with bare legs again.

Each Hop Box costs £10.95 including delivery, and contains tights depending on each members’ specifications. Subscribers can choose from either three pairs of sheer tights, or two pairs of opaques, or two pairs of control and support tights. Subscriptions can be amended flexibly in the member’s area of the website – ladies’ drawer space is often limited, and Hop Hosiery wants all of its subscribers to have only the tights they need.


Hop Hosiery3


Tights come in three sizes – small, medium and large – and are currently available in five shades: Natural, Natural Tan, Cappuccino, Cocoa and Black. All of the shades are very natural-looking – there are no overly glossy finishes, and definitely no orange-tinged sheers!

Walsh continues, “One of the biggest challenges when buying tights in bulk was sifting through the vast array of hosiery options online. We want to ensure the Hop Hosiery collection caters to everyone without being too overwhelming – we’re all about taking the stress out of ordering tights, so we wanted to keep our collection relatively small and straightforward while still offering choice and variety.”