How the fashions of Kate Middleton became fit for a Duchess

Kate Middleton has become one of the biggest fashion icons in the UK. In 2012 it seems as if everyone is aware of what she is wearing and what is in her wardrobe. This year she has had many commitments including spectating at the Olympics, attending the Diamond Jubilee, as well as going to many charity engagements. She has used these events to step up her position as one of the fashion queens of the world.

It is reported that she has a clothing allowance of £35,000 which means that she is able to buy some incredible designer pieces which really make her look wonderful. This is something of an upgrade from the high Street clothes that she was typically buying before her marraige, although she is still known to wear items that are available on the high Street occasionally.

Fortunately, although you might not be able to afford the original items that she wears, it is possible to emulate her style without a £35,000 allowance. There is no question that many fashion companies are looking to create clothing at an affordable price that emulates the look of the Duchess and this has meant that it is possible to find clothing based on Kate Middleton with ease.

For example, the red dress that she wore to the Jubilee pageant which was designed by Alexander McQueen has been made available at a more affordable price by other designers. It is really remarkable how the fashion world follows Kate Middleton’s style and it seems as if whenever she wears a new piece of clothing, it becomes incredibly popular.

She has recently been seen wearing a great deal of skinny jeans, which show off her slender figure. Since the time she started wearing these, skinny jeans have become popular all around the country.