How to Find Fashionable Second Hand Clothes

In today’s world of throwaway trend-led fashion, those wanting to break the mould are increasingly looking to second-hand clothes to give their wardrobe something a little different and to stand out from the crowd.

Gone are the days when second-hand clothes meant a pleated tweed skirt or a moth-eaten salmon cardigan. Old band t-shirts, leather jackets and cool vintage sunglasses can all be found for a fraction of their inferior-quality cousins from the high street.

You don’t always have to stick to the old stalwarts of charity shops, vintage boutiques or thrift stores. The newest way for people to make money from old clothes is to sell them online. Rather than sending old pre-loved clothes to the skip, they are taking advantage of the new sites like musicmagpie and getting money for old clothes.

The materials of these second hand clothes are generally better quality and more resilient than what you’ll find on the high street. Styling mightn’t be quite street-ready – but small alterations, modern accessories or a pair of killer heels can easily bring a vintage item to the 21st century.

Just make sure, when you’re buying second-hand items that you check for any obvious damage. Don’t worry too much about tiny holes or slightly loose stitching – these can be fixed very easily and are found on a lot of second-hand clothes. Try to avoid artificial fibres if you can – they don’t wear as well as cotton and silk, stains tend to stick, and you can’t go too near a naked flame. Remember shell suits?

Whether you’re looking to make money for old clothes, or updating your wardrobe with a little vintage flair – follow these tips and and you’ll be old-school cool in no time!