How to get That Sexy Sixties Pan Am Look

If you’ve been watching Pan Am, the latest historical drama from the other side of the Pond, you’ve no doubt noticed the distinctive fashions that the Pan American stewardesses wear. The Sixties were a time for glamour and extroversion, and few places were more glamorous than international air travel aboard a Pan American flight.

Christina Ricci and the other actresses playing the parts of Pan Am stewardesses make achieving the look so easy and effortless, but the truth is that the show’s costume designers spent many hours, not to mention dollars, perfecting the women’s workwear, glamourous evening dresses and more. You too can create your own Pan Am look, though without the need for massive budgets and costume professionals.

Hair and makeup

Short but not too short is the style for Pan Am hair. Just above the shoulder bobs are what’s called for, with a flat blue stewardess-style hat wherever possible. Off-duty, beehives are just the thing to be worn with fashionable maxi dresses. Bouffant hairstyles were also popular with women of the Sixties. Makeup-wise, mascara, brightly coloured eye shadows and face powders were popular, not to mention subtly colourful lipsticks.

Vintage dresses and accessories

Aside from the skyblue stewardess’ outfits that they wear, the Pan Am women wear a wealth of vintage dresses, pencil skirts and chic cardigans. Expect vintage blouses to come back into vogue too, though perhaps not the girdle! Long gloves are likely to prove a hit for special occasions.


Heels were an essential part of the stewardess’ uniform in the 1960s to go with the glamourous image, with larger three-inch heels for wearing in the airport, and more practical one-and-a-half inch heels for the flight.

If you do choose to adopt the vintage clothing look inspired by Pan Am you’ll be in good company, as Ane Crabtree, the show’s costume designer, expects the Sixties look to catch on as it did when Mad Men was screened. “You’re seeing men in slim suits now. Women are wearing long pencil skirts,” she told the Telegraph, “I get emails asking where the best places are to buy gloves… Simple sheath dresses are back in vogue. People are really excited by this trend.”

Article by Fever Designs.