How to jazz up jeans

They’re a well-established fashion staple, and everyone has a few pairs in their wardrobe: where would we be without jeans? But part of the problem with this familiarity is that jeans can often seem a little boring, especially if you get used to wearing them day in, day out. Well, here’s a few tips and ideas for injecting a bit of life into your jeans – and if you’re running out of styles to choose from, you can always check out the plus size jeans available here for more inspiration.

1.       Straight-leg jeans with heels

This is a simple one that looks fantastic. Just roll a pair of straight-leg jeans to just above the ankle to show off those great new shoes and add a bit of sass to your outfit.

2.       Double denim

Denim overload isn’t a great look for everyone, and can come off a bit grungey-biker for some tastes. But if you want to wear a denim top with jeans, just put a light cardigan over the top to add a bit of femininity. It’s best to wear different washes at once to break up the outfit.

3.       Jeggings

Jeggings can be a controversial item of clothing, but you can make them work with a button-down shirt and flat shoes for a slouchy look that’s still got a bit of pizazz. Alternatively, dress them up with some chunky heels and a scarf.

4.       Flares

For the ultimate in bohemian chic, try a pair of flared jeans with a tunic top and slim-fitting cardigan, giving your silhouette a casual and streamlined look. Add a pair of shades and a hat and you’re ready for a day in the sun!

5.       Cuffed skinnies with ankle boots

The trick here is to make sure the cuffs of your jeans come just above, rather than being tucked into your boots. Team them up with a leather jacket for a rocker look or soften the appearance with creams and browns.

6.       Coloured jeans

Red jeans might be a favourite among the Sloane set at the moment, but you don’t have to live in Knightsbridge to get in on the trend. A light chambray top and neutral accessories complete the outfit.

7.       Black jeans

Black jeans aren’t just for emos and rockers – a pair of black skinny jeans looks great with some strappy heels and a long, flowing bright pink blouse on top.