How to look your best when shoulder robing

Whilst the term shoulder robing may not be instantly recognisable, most of you will be familiar with the term ‘wearing a coat as a cape’ ala superhero style. At the current round of Fashion Weeks, anyone who is anyone is shoulder robing, hence wearing a coat or jacket without putting their arms into the sleeves.

It seems to be catching on big style, possibly because the very name shoulder robing has a fashion industry ring to it, as opposed to ‘pretending to be superman’ or ‘ignoring the sleeves’. Don’t take shoulder robing lightly however, it is a challenge to pull it off without looking silly. Standing tall is the key, no hunching over to stop it falling off or you will look like an old Mexican with a blanket over you shuffling along the street.

Another consideration is how to carry all the other paraphernalia that you lug around with you. For obvious reasons a bag can’t be used in the usual way, and the standard form at fashion week is to clasp your bag tightly, whatever type it is, between your body and your forearm. This can be tricky, and probably why this is the ultra fashion manoeuvre at the moment.

The in crowd at fashion weeks love to pull off a look that leaves ordinary people looking puzzled. The wearing of sunglasses 24/7 was the alpha fashion statement until not so long ago, when the rumours started circulating that the majority were wearing them to hide their post operative bruising. Uber high heels worn at 10am was another one, but as that has now been adopted by the golf wags the least said about it the better.

Shoulder robing successfully gives you that air of being both glamorous and busy at the same time, a kind of walking talking filofax. To pull it off to the max you must look as if you are constantly on a tight schedule, you don’t have time to use your sleeves and have to charge through the day to get everything done in the guise of an urban matador.