Ideal Gardens For Everyday Homes

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Whether you have a small patio, a big lawn, or a just a few flower beds, there are lots of style tips out there that can cater for any garden situation. When the sun does shine, we all want to open the doors and chill out in our gardens, and we all think our garden could be improved in some way. Gardens can come in all shapes and sizes, with plants and furniture to suit every taste.

A garden full of flowers

Having lots of plants in a garden can often scare people who are unsure of how to look after them and keep them healthy. So why not start by planting flowers like Petunias or perennials that will bloom year on year? These types of plant need little attention in comparison to some others, and look great. Just like you’d get beauty and make up tips from friends, ask them if you’re unsure how treat certain plants.

By planting flowers with the same colour near each other, you can create a great, professional effect. However, never spend money on really expensive flowers for your garden if you have children or pets which are likely to do some damage in the garden. So choose fairly hardy flowers and plants that can withstand a bit of rough and tumble.

Go Green

If you’ve caught the green fingers bug then why not experiment and start your own vegetable patch? It doesn’t have to be perfect first time round – it’s all about getting involved and just enjoying what you do in your garden. Coming up with your own garden designs is another good way of getting involved in the gardening process.

If you don’t have a garden of your own, and just a windowsill or balcony instead, there are still ways of growing some fruit and veg. If you want to grow strawberries then you can plant them in a relatively big plant pot. This pot can then be placed where the sun gets to it. Or if you fancy growing some herbs, get a little window tray and plant them in little pots. This is a perfect way of saving money and space, and your dishes will taste even better with produce you’ve grown yourself.

The perfect furniture

When the nights are shorter and the sun has been shining, we all want to make the most of being outside. Furniture doesn’t have to be an expense, if you don’t need to buy something new, then don’t. There is always a cheaper way to make do with what you have, and check out the Super Savvy Me website if you’re short on ideas.

Do you have an old garden shed that is slowly rotting away? If you can find somewhere else to put your bits and bobs, then it might be time to get rid of it. You don’t even have to buy a new one, you can just enjoy the extra space you’ll have once it’s gone. You could even put your new vegetable patch there and grow even more healthy food.