Illamasqua Promo with Vicky McClure

We all have a secret persona that is fighting to be revealed, but we suppress it for fear of the consequences. The new thought provoking film from Illmasqua starring the BAFTA winning actress Vicky McClure takes us on one woman’s journey to release this inner persona and embrace the consequences as steps on the road of a voyage of discovery.

Illamasqua have long been known as a cutting edge brand that sees the world differently from others. Their films are always something special and make you think outside of the box and see things from a completely new angle. The girl is the film needs to make major changes in her life, and we see her at various stages of her own personal journey.

Immaculately made up as her new self, she has to get rid of her old self before she can move forward and live the new life she so desires. We see her dragging a dead body wrapped in a sheet across a field then taking it out onto a lake in a rowing boat. The images are slightly disturbing and grab your attention as you wait with bated breath to see what happens next.

The body falls into the water and the sheet starts to fall away, illuminated by the light of the torch she has dropped. The body is slowly revealed, and when we see the face it is the girl herself. She has committed the ultimate sacrifice in the search for enlightenment and completely disposed of her old persona.

The film is spilt to show her sitting in a diner thinking back over the actions she has just taken, she had the choice to embrace her new self and grabbed the opportunity with both hands. She has pulled herself back from the edge and can look forward, as we all should…