Imogen Thomas post her holiday snaps online

Imogen Thomas, the model, has recently posted photographs from her holiday showing her wearing a bikini. Fans of the model have been able to see photographs that have been taken while she is on holiday in Italy and they show her wearing a bikini with many colours.

Soon after she released the first pictures, she released more which showed her wearing different bikinis from different angles. The model is 29 years old and she is seen crossing her arms to show off her bodies curves to their maximum potential.

The photographs are taken from a balcony of the hotel room she is staying in and in the first one she has her back to the camera. As well as the bikini she is wearing a pair of sunglasses and black high heels which accentuate the outfit nicely.

She has been visiting Lake Como, which is famous for the being the location where George Clooney lives for most of the year. She has been commenting on Twitter that she is having a great holiday and is enjoying much of the drink and food that the country has to offer.

She first came to fame as a reality television star and she made no secret where she was heading for a holiday. She posted on Twitter about things that she should see while she was there and about the weather.

One thing is for certain, and that is that someone told her to pack plenty of different bikinis. She has also said that the weather in Italy is not what she was expecting and that the rain is disappointing. That being said, most of her comments about her trip have been very positive.