IMPALA Clothing Launches African Inspired Clothing Line

Yaw Acquah’s foray into fashion is a true rags to riches story. After losing his job as a physiotherapist in November, UK based businessman Acquah turned lemons into lemonade, launching his fashion forward brand IMPALA Clothing . The trademark African themed start up infuses the vibrant colours and bold patterns of African textiles with contemporary Western fashion themes. Battling with dyslexia and ADHD, Acquah’s passion for fashion inspired him to launch his own independent fashion label focusing on his African influence.

After losing his job last year, Acquah decided to take the opportunity to use his creative talents and launch IMPALA. IMPALA Clothing features a stunning array of bright, bold designs encapsulating the essence of African fashion. With male and female ranges available, a plethora of affordable and authentically African fashions are on offer including the unique Wax Print Pencil Skirt Drum Print for women and the Tribal Chevrons Pullover for men.

Yaw Acquah, Founder of IMPALA Clothing said, “The idea for the company came fully formed, when I started to notice I would get a really positive reaction every time I wore a traditional African print shirt. The problem was that as great as the patterns were, the fit of the clothes really didn’t tie in with what was current. So I really wanted the collection to be as bold and vibrant as possible, reflecting that African tradition, whilst integrating the cut of the clothes with a contemporary high street aesthetic.”

As a second generation Ghanaian, Acquah regularly calls upon his African heritage for inspiration to inform his desirable designs. The stunning range serves as a midway point between African and Western cultures, marrying African patterns and prints with the Western high street style. Accurately reflective of Acquah’s status as a second generation man of African heritage raised in the West, IMPALA straddles the line between both influences.  With the world turning to Africa as an up and coming fashion hub, IMPALA is perfectly placed to meet the needs of those looking for unique and unusual African inspired ethnic prints.

Rather than seeing his conditions as a negative, Acquah views his ADHD and dyslexia as an advantage when dealing with chaos of a start up business.

Mr Acquah adds, “I have never let my learning disorders hold me back, and in fact I think my way of working has really helped me with the launch of IMPALA. I’m having to think creatively and work extra hard and I know the brand will be successful. Hopefully my story will inspire other individuals with ADHD or dyslexia to follow their dreams and start a business.”

IMPALA Clothing also offers a look book designed to help customers put together their own innovative looks. To find out more about IMPALA Clothing and its exciting and exotic African designs visit