Increased sales in John Lewis stores may signal increased sales in the fashion retail sector

John Lewis has reported an overall increase in online sales and consequently, the retail analysts have projected that the same thing will also happen to Next as they have also increased their internet exposure. The overall sales on the internet have increased by up to 6-10 percent. On the contrary, the overall sales in stores are estimated to decrease by 2 percent during the Christmas shopping season. The sales may be affected by the opening of new stores and the closure of some stores.

One of the financial analysts from Investec, Dave McCarthy, has said that the food retail sector will mostly likely not see an increase in their online sales. Shifting the sales online would not serve to benefit the stores and in fact, would only reduce the sales from their stores.

Even if though shoppers are wiser when it comes to spending their money, the sales this year in the fashion retail industry has gone up compared to last year. This is due in part to the more favourable autumn and winter weather conditions this year. The snowfall has not prevented shoppers from buying the popular items such as coats and woollies which are in demand during the cold season.

John Lewis’s sales have increased by more than 30 percent in the electrical goods sector. This bodes well for other stores such as Dixons and Argos. The increased sales are due to two factors: the closure of Comet, a direct competitor and the popularity of tablet computers as well as other similar gadgets.

There will be more information regarding the Christmas sales for the other retailers since next week JD Sports and Marks & Spencer will be submitting their sales reports. Debenhams and Dunelm are also due to announce their sales reports by next week.

House of Fraser, a company that is privately owned, is expected to have increased sales in both its online stores and actual stores. The sales information will be revealed on Monday but the store’s sales are expected to increase as they already recorded a 4 percent increase in the weeks prior to the first part of December.