Is it Versace or H&M?

The fashion headliners for the week are of beautiful blondes in gold-studded, stretch black, skintight Versace leather. In the video for Edge of Glory, Lady Gaga wears a medusa spiked, slashed corset from the last collection of Gianni Versace while Donatella was bowing on the catwalk after the menswear show for Versace in Milan in knee length skintight, zipped and studded dress which she said the next morning was a sample from the new line for H&M that Versace is designing bringing the Versace look squarely to high street hitting stores this November.

Versace is enjoying the moment with the label being hotter than the days of sweet-shop brights and supermodels on the catwalk with Liz Hurley on the red carpet in safety pins. Lady Gaga and her significance is not to be overlooked after all as everyone knows that Lady Gaga holds power, she was in fact chosen by Forbes as the most powerful celebrity and now together with Donatella at Versace, things look real good.

The heart of Versace is the tigerish, prowling sex appeal that made it stand out so much in the 80s. Medusa heads, a very Italian brace of sunshine colour, black leather and a stiletto here and there and always remembering to make the boobs stand out. By having a relationship with Gaga Donatella has found a way to awaken the heart of the business and make it beat again.

Insiders in the fashion world say Donatella sent a letter to Gaga saying she felt her brother would have wanted to dress Gaga and she offered to open the old archives. Gaga’s reply was an enthusiastic one and the start of a new line of clothes became a reality. Some are even taken by the coincidence that Gaga looks quite similar to a young Donatella.