Its summer and flower prints are back in fashion

Floral fashion, with its pretty floral dresses, flower inspired jewelry and flower print shoes is the latest trend in fashion for summer 2011. It is everywhere and with the coming of summer every celebrity is stocking their wardrobe with a number of floral designs. watch

Already fashion observers have spotted celebrities like Eva Mendes, Pixie Lott, Anna Lynne McCord, Fergie and others in stunning floral dresses. The bright colours and striking print brings out the best in people, always making them look good, appealing and sexy.

There is no end to the choice of floral designs and dresses. Be it a gown, maxi dress, frock, jumpsuit or a simple top, each has its own distinctive appeal and grace. They are great to wear on hot summer days and do wonders for the self confidence.

Some dresses are soft in colour with tiny flowered patterns while others may feature large prints and bright colours. There is a vast selection out in the market to choose from. These dresses are ideal for mix and match and can even be worn with jackets, blazers and leggings. They can be worn with heels, flat shoes, wedges and boots to bring back that young girl look.

Contrary to what some women may think, floral outfits are easy and fun to wear. Scarves, big jewelry and bags may be added to give a cool and lively effect.  The proper accessories without doubt add to your outfit.

Floral dresses matched with bright bags display an easy style. Classy, stylish floral dresses are ideal for work and casual wear and do not look out of place at that special function.