Jamie King speaks out about the dark side of the fashion industry

Jamie King, who was a supermodel before she turned to acting, opened up about her time in the modelling world in a candid interview on The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet. She had little good to say about the fashion industry noting that they entire catwalk is obsessed too much by size. Her comments stung many in the fashion industry because it is one thing for an MP to speak out and say that models are too skinny, but for a supermodel to say that there is too much focus on skinny on the catwalk is a bit much.

It is also a clear sign that the fashion world is still too focused on weight even if they claim otherwise. During the interview King recalled how hard it was to face heroin addiction which she had developed at the age of 18.

She explained that she felt very alone during this time period and that once she quit using drugs she felt very alone given the fact that almost everyone else was still using in order to maintain their wane frames. She noted though that in this case the exclusion did lead to something positive as it motivated her to pursue acting over modelling.

Today King is happy to settle for her front row spot at fashion week in the audience instead of on the catwalk, but she still has plenty to say about how loosely the entire industry is regulated. King mentioned how shocked she was at last season’s New York Fashion Week because of how tiny the girls on the catwalk were noting that they did not even look like women, but more like heavily sexualised little girls.

In the past Prada and Versace have banned size zero models from the catwalk but there are still plenty of design houses like Karl Lagerfeld making candid comments about ‘zillions of fat people’ that prove the fashion industry is not quite there yet.