Jedidiah’s Place’s unique fashion accessories excel in Lagos

When people think of fashion forward cities, the usual culprits include Paris, Rome, Milan, New York City and London – but Lagos is hot on the heels of the globe’s firm favourites, surprising the world with its ascending fashion scene. The Nigerian capital has emerged as an international fashion hotspot propelling many businesses into the spotlight. Oluwatosin Lewis, Founder of Jedidiah’s Place noticed a business opportunity in the industry and is now enjoying much deserved success with her online fashion accessories business.

The digital boutique stocks a striking array of essential accessories including statement handbags, functional laptop bags and strikingly chic clutches. For ladies with an eye for jewels, exotic jewellery staples including neck pieces, rings and bracelets are lovingly constructed using a plethora of semi-precious stones. With a range of unique wallets, belts, phone pouches and tablet cases also on offer, Lewis’ booming business is set to expand into soft furnishings and home décor accessories later on in 2015.


Lagos has slowly climbed up the ranks as a global fashion hub since May of 2012 when African Fashion Week, which was hosted in Lagos, shone the spotlight on the best of African design. The international style credentials of the city have since been acknowledged with authentic African flair and fashions becoming the focus of the fashion forward world. The world is starting to take notice of Lagos-based designers, with many being asked to dress celebrities worldwide.

Oluwatosin Lewis, Founder of Jedidiah’s Place said, “Fashion is in the very bones of African people. We value vibrancy, colour, joy and energy and our approach to fashion is completely unique. For years the fashion cities of the world have been primarily European and American. When people think fashion, they think Italy, France, England, but Africa has not even made the list! Fortunately now people are casting their eyes further afield and valuing what Africa has to offer to the fashion world. We are hoping that Lagos will become one of the world’s most exciting fashion centres, and I’ll be thrilled to say I was a part of it.”


Ms Lewis has dedicated years to honing her craft, constructing authentic handcrafted accessories using genuine leather and a plethora of semi-precious stones to create classics to accompany any outfit. With five years’ worth of experience, Lewis has received a diploma in jewellery design and repair, a certificate in textiles creative techniques and also studied beneath Katherine Pogson in the UK to learn how to construct leather handbags .

Ms Lewis adds, “Fashion is a powerful way to bring a sense of positivity to the world. African fashion, in particular the ethos of Jedidiah’s Place, is fun, funky, bold and daring. We want people to sit up and take notice. Our accessories are designed for those who want to make an impact, who want to be seen.”