Jessie J and her never ending wardrobe

It appears Jessie J has taken to changing styles on a scale that Elton John would be proud of. This week she has done her hair six different ways and worn about 14 different outfits and it’s not even the weekend yet. Maybe Lady Gaga is to blame. The Fame Monster was the first to introduce outfit multi-tasking at awards ceremonies.

Madonna may be a phoenix of the pop world when it comes to re-inventing herself, but at least she managed to offer continuity of style for at least a whole album’s duration. Nowadays, changing styles at the blink of an eye is the done thing. However, the continuing carousel of outlandish wardrobe changes is becoming boring.

Jessie J impressed on X Factor Judges’ Houses when she donned a split-front red dress, with a Chanel belt in the blistering heat. But the style swapping at the MTV Awards impressed less people than the number of changes we endured.

These included a strapless dress, two full-length dresses, a gaudy leopard print item and a clingy digital print maxi, plus the obligatory, trademark body stocking. Artists should try sticking to one look for at least a day – it’s all becoming a bit exhausting