John Galliano blames drugs and booze for his outburst

John Galliano the British Fashion designer told a Paris court that his alcohol and drug addictions caused him to make anti-Semitic outbursts. He is accused by prosecutors of yelling racial slurs in a Paris café at customers. Dior fashions house fired the designer because of the allegations and he said he is not a racist nor has any recollection of what happened.

He faces up to six months in jail and a £20,000 fine if found guilty of the charges and prosecutors are asking for a fine of nothing less than £9000. The verdict will not be read until 8 September. There are two separate incidents that the trial focuses on one in October and one in February.

The video of a third incident was used against him in court. In the video he is heard telling two women he loved Hitler and saying the Nazis could have gassed their parents. Even after watching the video in court Galliano insisted he was no racist or anti-Semitic.

He says he has fought he entire life against prejudice, discrimination, and intolerance having been on the receiving end himself. He told the court he was a recovering addict and alcoholic. He said he started using drugs and alcohol in 2007 after the death of someone close and using them helped him get over the loss and to handle the pressures of being creative director of Dior.

He said that after each of his creative highs he would follow it up with a crash and those crashes were aided by alcohol. The designer apologized repeatedly and unreservedly for his behavior and had sought addiction treatments.