John Galliano moves to Oscar de la Renta

The former designer for the fashion house of Dior, John Galliano, has found a new job. He will be a fashion consultant for the fashion house of Oscar de la Renta but there isn’t much detail as to the exact nature of what his work there will entail. Galliano will be working alone as a fashion consultant or advisor. It is said that Oscar de la Renta is very much impressed with Galliano’s talent despite his negative public image.

As you may recall, John Galliano had disappeared from the fashion industry after he was fired from Dior after his anti-Jewish speech became public by which he was criminally charged for. This is the first time that the disgraced fashion designer has re-emerged in a long time.

Galliano was filmed while hurling anti-Jewish invectives at several people in a restaurant in Paris. The scandal was bad for his image as a public figure but his friends still supported him and believed in his talent. It is said that his close friend, fashion editor, Anna Wintour, still publicly went out with Galliano as a show of support.

There are rumours circulating that John Galliano may even have got his de la Renta job because of Wintour’s help. Even fashion model, Kate Moss, still supported Galliano by asking him to design her wedding gown. Galliano was considered to become a director of the Schiaparelli fashion house but that position still hasn’t been filled.

Galliano has confessed that he has been an alcoholic for years and has been treat for his problem for the past two years. He apologised to the Jewish people for his drunken speech when he hurled racist remarks against them.

A Jewish leader for an anti-Semitic movement has expressed his support for John Galliano. John Galliano was reportedly working with the Jews to educate himself about Jewish history and the anti-Semitic movement. Should Galliano’s comeback be well-received he will follow the footsteps of Coco Chanel, who was also anti-Semitic.