John Lewis reveals great make-up tips for busy women

Sometimes you have time to play with your make-up to get the perfect look for a big night out on the town, but more often than not when it comes to make-up your only goal is to get out of the house looking presentable.

With today’s busy lifestyles, most people simply want to cover up their blemishes and get a move one; which is where these great make-tips for make up on the go from Rachael Karen can really come in handy. In the new John Lewis Short, Rachael helps make sure that no one has to leave the house bare faced even if they are stretched for time.

She begins by using Clinique tinted moisturiser to easily cover any blemishes and to help even out the colour of her skin tone. She then placed a few dabs of concealer under her eyes and on her blemishes straight from the blush but then used her ring finger to blend them in. At this point all of the blemishes on the face should be covered so that you can feel safe in your skin.

Rachael next dresses up her face a bit by adding some plum blush to her cheeks and spreading it around the apple of her cheek so that there are no sharp edges. According to the make-up artist, mascara is the best way to make your eye’s pop out so she lines her eyes with some black mascara. A quick dab of the plum blush on her lips and she is all set to leave the house ready to impress.