John Rocha and Betty Jackson at Debenhams

Two of the worlds most sought after designers have unveiled their new and exclusive collections at Debenhams, and they are seriously impressive. Hong Kong born John Rocha and British catwalk darling Betty Jackson have both produced a collection that is eclectic, exciting and desirable. Available both in store and online, the items in these collections will appeal both to loyal Debenhams customers and also bring in new ones.

The appeal of John Rocha is that his designs are simple; suit everybody but that every item has a touch of class about it. His choice of colours, textures and fabrics meld together beautifully to make a collection that will appeal to everyone. His clothing is worn by celebrities across the globe, and you now have the opportunity to have his garments hanging in your wardrobe.

There’s no need to stop there either, this exclusive Rocha. John Rocha Debenhams collection also includes sumptuous home wares that will enhance any home and give it a touch of luxury. Beautifully constructed photo frames and glassware will bring your favourite images and dinner tables to life. Designer items at high street prices don’t come along very often, and we can thank Debenhams for this opportunity.

The vibrancy of Betty Jackson’s designs stand out for all the right reasons, and her full Betty Jackson.Black collection needs to be seen in its entirety to fully appreciate the unique talents of this Lancashire born designer. Colourful casuals, cool and sophisticated eveningwear and a stunning range of exquisite home wares make this collection one that will have everybody talking, and buying.

Many of us don’t get the chance to visit the capital and browse around the designer stores to see what they have to offer, but thanks to Debenhams we don’t have to go far to buy new and exciting designer items for both us and our homes.