Just how do they do it? London fashion weeks hairstyle perfection

London Fashion Week came and went in the blink of an eye, and we are now ready to be tempted by winter florals, military gear and padded hips from some of the hottest brands. It was an event that saw the return of Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney and was a big boost for the fashion culture of the country.

While there is still some way to go for London to becoming as recognised and influential as the other three “Big Four” fashions weeks that take place in New York, Paris and Milan, the stars were out in force and the hair was wild. But, with all of us struggling with damaged hair thanks to winter, how do models enjoy the runway, and have their hair to perfection despite the rigorous routines?

Hair trends from London fashion week

From head to toe, quite literally, there was something to discuss from the models and in many ways it was the hair that created more talking points. With McQueen and Burbery Prosrum going for retro and reserved looks, we saw Louise Gray and Sibling go to the opposite end of the spectrum with crazy hair styles. We’ve found our top five:

• Centre partings – From Burberry to Marios Schwab, this was a common trend of the week and feature in pretty much every show. To keep it pretty and young, the designers placed emphasis on not using combs to ensure natural partings for the models.
• Wet-look – Many people point to the summer sport trend and the upcoming Olympics for this, but many shows used product heavy, wet-look hair to create an extra touch of sexy for Holly Fulton and others.
• Super straight – Often worn with pigtails or ponytails, this futuristic look was seen across a number of shows. With a flat finish, it was the perfect choice for the shows of Craig Lawrence and Richard Nicoll.
• Natural – With texture and curls out of the way for many this year, natural movement took centre stage in some shows. Creating bends and kinks through wrapping hair around irons, movement was added before it was styled into a left down, ponytail or an updo.

Tips for model perfect hair

It might seem like it comes naturally for models to have beautiful and perfect hair all the time, but it doesn’t always work like that. Many things in life need practice and precision, and this is the same for models on the runway.

Simple things like knowing what the sun and weather does to their hair along with knowing exactly how to care for their locks is crucial in keeping the colour and shape of your hair. Using products like John Frieda Full Repair can give you the shine that we saw at London fashion week but walking through your town centre.

It’s crucial things like not getting stressed when things go right, knowing what hair colour will complement your skin tone and what super foods to eat to keep their skin and hair healthy. Having your hair dryer on for too long and at too high a heat can be the difference between split ends that need treatment and the perfect look.