Kanye West and fashion

Over the course of his career Kanye West’s forays into the fashion world have been documented for posterity and it looks as though the mega-rapper and stylish producer will release another new collection later this year, collaborating with Louise Goldin the British fashion award winner.

Goldin, thirty, received her mentoring from Louise Wilson fashion expert and fashion master’s program director at Central Saint Martins’ design school. Ms Wilson said about West that he was very knowledgeable with fashion, a very interesting person and a global phenomenon. She expects a good collection from the two and warns against dismissing it before it is out.

Some may assume that Kanye will only be the face while Louise will be working on everything. The director said she does not think that will happen. She said he does a great deal of research and likes to get involved in a ‘hands on’ approach. The upcoming women’s wear collection from Goldin and West may have a launch later in the year at the New York Fashion Week.

There are other high profile people getting involved in the fashion world, not just Kanye. Lil Wayne the Young Money boss has let it be known he wants to start his own clothing collection even though his plans seem quite lofty at the moment.

He said that in a year’s time he will want his own line with his name on it. He feels there are plenty of people out there that want to be funky just like he is so that would be reason enough to have his own line. Rebirth will be the lines name and happened to be his seventh album as well.