Kanye West out in the fashion cold

The new fashion line by Kanye West is something that has been much anticipated in the fashion world. The new line of clothes was recently displayed at Paris Fashion Week but it seems they range has not been met with a very warm reception. Some critics started posting negatively online even before the first models had finished on the cat walk.

At the show there were some serious names from the fashion world as well as plenty of people from the A-List crowd. The staging of the event was certainly very impressive and Style.com commented about the event, “The music and the stage are as impressive as you would expect from Kanye West. He has produced some of the best music and most memorable concerts of the last decade.” The clothes that were on display however were no match for his musical talents.

Cathy Horyn is a fashion critic for the New York Times and she commented about the clothing, “The clothes just didn’t really seem to fit the models very well. Next time someone might want to suggest to Kanye that he hire a tailor, so the clothes actually fit.” Others commented that despite the designs being intended for spring and summer next year, it looked as if Kanye had designed a winter collection as there were many heavy clothes on display.

A style writer for the International Hearald Tribune said, “Kanye’s collection just goes to show that anyone can love fashion but that doesn’t mean that you can be a fashion designer.” Other critics were less harsh on the music star with Style.com saying, “What this shows is that his style is a work in progress, of the many outfits on display it seems possible that a few of them might appeal to certain customers.”