Kardashian fashion range sweatshop fallout

The Kardashian clan have been slammed by a US congressman after claims were made that their popular fashion range was produced by sweatshop labour.

Dana Rohrabacher, the California Rep has told Radaronline.com that they didn’t give a damn about the American public and that they have gone to China for their labour to make a profit of $65m instead of $10m so they are effectively thumbing their nose at their countrymen.

He also told the website that he found it very sad that the clan, who are already making millions of dollars, were choosing to take their business to these sweatshops with their substandard labour conditions and not giving any support to the US economy. The Kardashian sisters face claims that 3 of their fashion ranges were produced in inhumane sweatshops in China.

A report in Star Magazine claims that the factory workers of Guangdong were earning as little as $1 per hour, and spent up to 84 hours a week locked up in conditions that were similar to a minimum security prison. The Kardashian’s publicist, Jill Fritzo, has responded to the allegations saying that the family are taking these claims very seriously but this was the first they knew about it and would never condone this and are investigating.

Charles Kernaghan is the executive director for the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, and he has told the latest edition of Star Magazine that these factories were run by some pretty bad people. Mr Kernaghan is a leading authority on the Chinese labour conditions and says that the region is a scary place and that workers had to work in brutal summer temperatures of 100˚F yet took home only $15 a month wages.

He also said that he also understood that workers couldn’t talk or listen to music during working hours, and couldn’t even stand up to stretch. He added that if you lifted your head up to look around you were screamed at and were timed on toilet breaks, if you were given permission to go but if you were a highly specialised worker toilet breaks weren’t allowed.

His organisation are now demanding that the Kardashian’s withdraw all their production from China and instead employ US workers. He said that, for a change, it would be nice for Kim to stop and think that it wasn’t all ‘about me, me, me’ and do something positive and not leave a trail of broken women and children.

Mr Kernaghan says she should take a stand and say that she wanted her products to be manufactured in Los Angeles or Chicago where she could monitor the situation and ensure that her workers had humane working conditions. This, he added ,would be Kim making the right stand for humanity.