Karl Lagerfeld is the latest target of Roberto Cavalli’s tongue

Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli is not one to mince words when it comes to critiquing his competitors. In fact part of his persona is the tendency to excoriate the taste of others in his line of work. Last year about this time he lit into Anna Wintour, blaming her for what he considers the awfulness of American fashion.

Cavalli has been quoted as saying that no one should follow any fashion designer too scrupulously; everyone should try to use the most appropriate and self-flattering styles to create their own best look. He accused Wintour of wanting all women to dress and look the same way she does, which, if it were so, would effectively limit her customers to a handful if that.

This month the uninhibited Italian went after Karl Lagerfeld, a designer whose buttoned-up street style is just about opposite Cavalli’s with the way-unbuttoned shirt and stressed jeans. Obviously there’s a difference in priorities, but in the fashion world it’s often very hard to keep track of who’s heading in which direction and which look is going to be the next trend.

When Cavalli told an interviewer from Hunger Magazine that Lagerfeld looks “ridiculous” in his signature white collar and gloves, not to mention what Cavalli considers excessive accessories, he could have been referring to any number of highly rated fashion designers and their creations.

It’s undeniably true that a great many ‘innovative’ designs appear on the runways modelled by lissome beauties who ought to look great in anything but manage to look – let’s face it – ridiculous.

The fact is that nobody and no body can wear some of these innovations without looking like they’ve been dressed by a madman (or woman). That’s probably the secret of high fashion – madness has free rein and as often as not it races right up to the top of the high fashion billboard.