Kate and Pippa Middleton changing fashion and the language

British fashion icons Kate and Pippa Middleton are starting to make an impression on the English language too, according to a study by the Global Language Monitor.

The GLM tracks the use of language on websites and social media such as Facebook and Twitter, compiling lists of the most common words and phrases, When it comes to the fashion world “The Duchess Effect” held onto the number one spot for a second year running, while previous language chart-topper “Lady Gaga” disappeared out of the top ten altogether.

Even the phrase “Pippa’s Bum” made an appearance at number five in the GLM study, undoubtedly thanks to the hysteria that surrounded the bridesmaid’s dress that she wore at her sister’s wedding.

Kate and Pippa are fast becoming global trend-setters, with the Duchess and her sister able to create sell-out demand for a particular style, designer or High Street store. Every public appearance by the two, no matter how brief, is analysed by the fashion press with women all over the world then discussing the outfits via online forums and social media.

Global Language Monitor’s fashion expert Bekka Payack said that Kate’s influence stretches beyond specific styles, with young women keen to wear more graceful and feminine clothes in general, mimicking Kate’s classic, timeless look. The disappearance of Lady Gaga from the list, whose style is almost the complete opposite of Kate and Pippa, is another example of how womens attitudes towards fashion are changing.

This is the first time that the Global Language Monitor’s fashion list has been topped by the same person, though Lady Gag came close when she secured second place in 2009, followed by her number one spot in 2010. The GLM list for 2012 also features words and phrases such as pyjamas, paisley, braids and peplums.