Kate Hudson not content with only being the face of Ann Taylor

It is no secret that Kate Hudson is a blonde beauty, because while she has had made a few crazy fashion decisions, for the most part she usually looks quite suave and stunning. This is likely the reason that Kate Hudson was chosen to be the face for Ann Taylor, but she apparently was not content to be just the face.

This is not a surprise as the model, actress, and spokeswoman lives a busy life, especially if you add in the fact that is also a mother. However, she is ready to add another piece to the puzzle by working as a fashion designer for the brand as well.

Kate just became the official face for the 2013 spring collection for Ann Taylor, and she’s already been showing up in photographs featuring some very fresh dresses and some very bright colours. Of course, bright is one thing that Kate can do perfectly because she seems to radiate a constant glow.

In one of the photos for the new spring campaign Kate has on a dress hat is a mix of neon green and yellow and is lying across a minimally coloured couch. Never one to fear colour, she pairs a bright white and coral beaded necklace up against the brilliant dress.

She does down play it when it comes to her make up choosing to take the minimal route by putting on nude eye shadow and simply glossing on a light pink lipstick.

Her very own collection made up of designs inspired by her red carpet looks is not expected to début until this coming May, but given the designer it is likely that there are going to be some slick looks and some very Bohemian looks.